• Shah Alam, Selangor
RM 17


Help your kid / student to speak the hijaiiyah letters
Able to learn and recognize shapes and colors
Able to learn letters of hijaiyah
Fine motor training
Train for skills in problem solving


Puzzle read hijaiyah is one kind of educational wooden toys that can help your child/student learn to recognize letters of hijaiyah.
These toys are perfect for Muslim families/ teachers who want your child early learning hijaiyah letter.
These toys are perfect for teachers who want your student learns hijaiyah letters.
Through this wooden blocks, will also learn about a variety of colors for each letter tiles hijaiyah have different colors
HAND MADE QUALITY make it safe for your kids


How to play the game is to remove all the pieces and then putting it back together hijaiyah appropriate place.
At the time the child is working, help your child/student by naming each letter hijaiyah is very helpful so that children will know and start learning.
Playing repeatedly make your child/student more confident in learning the h

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