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RM 10

Product Description

This product is built with good quality wood that is smooth surface to avoid kids to get hurt when playing with it.
It come with 24 puzzle that contain 26 alphabet letter.
Every puzzle have capital letter alphabet, small letter alphabet ,object name and also an object picture is print on the puzzle.
This puzzle can let the kid to learn English alphabet and learn object word when they match the puzzle correctly.
The puzzle is also colourful so that it can attract the kids from playing it.
Puzzle game – Kid can play and learn the alphabet and word by matching the correct puzzle
Alphabet, animal and object learning – Every puzzle come with one object so that your kid can learn
about it

Smooth Surface – The wood is smooth surface and would not hurt the kids

Colour learning – The puzzle is made with 5 different colour and your kid can learn colour from
separate them into different group according to colour

Ages: 3 Years old ++

Description : 24 Alphabet Letter Card

Eye-hand coordination
Animal learning
Logical thinking
Non-toxic material
Improve recognizing ability
Easy to play

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